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Hi , welcome to The SmartGoat Blog a brand new site in the vast ocean of Internet. It is where insanity begins with tech, science, money and fun. We are just getting started. Things are getting up and running here slowly. Project SmartGoat was born out of necessity. And now it a very fun and passionate project for us.

I always had a thing for techs and computers and stuffs even though I am a doctor. As a doctor I had to WhatsApp a lot of patients who booked online consultation and saving their number was tedious. So I used chat gpt to build a working prototype for a web app called No number WhatsApp, and customized it. Why ? There were thousands off apps available. Yes but they all showed ads and the ui, And I was not comfortable typing mobile numbers of my patients and potentially exposing their number to spammers. I didn’t like that. So I built my own. I will write a post about how I built that. Then I thought I should make it public so that other people can use it. And what better way to tell people about it other than starting a blog. So first I just wrote an html blog post. And I was fun. At that point I decided to write blogs.

Well, that was just a beginning. Previously I thought to make it a tech focused blog. But later I decided to diversify the portfolio sharing my experiences with you. Also this is going to be a good learning place for me.

I don’t know how often I am going to write stuffs here. Managing leasure time is such a hard thing for me. But I am sure about the fact that I am going to write stuffs here. And I will do my best to make the posts more useful. Suggestions are always welcomed. Comment down below or send me an e-mail here with your beautiful ideas you want to share with the rest of the world. Thanks for visiting the site. It is you who make this all possible. Thank you all.

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