How to WhatsApp Someone Without Saving the Contact Number – I have built something special for You.

For those in a hurry just visit I understand. You will figure it out easily. Pretty straight forward. Those who are interested in knowing how and why fasten your seat-belt.

Hi. Welcome to The SmartGoat Blog. I am very excited to tell you about a new web app I have built for all of you to send WhatsApp message without saving someone’s number.

NNW is a Web App that you can use to send someone WhatsApp without saving their contact number. For better experience you can install the Web-App in you device. It is less than 1MB.

Why build it

Sending WhatsApp this way already existed for a long time.You needed to go to a browser and type{country code}+{WhatsApp number}. Yes it occurred to me too that it is cumbersome and if you miss any letter then it doesn’t work.

My solution NNW use this exact feature. But then what is the difference? Well, it gives you a nice and clean interface. You just need to type the number you want to chat. It will automatically select the country code based on where you live. You can change country code if you want too. And it will automatically fill up rest of the things for you. So you just need to put the number and press chat. You will be redirected to WhatsApp, no extra headache.

Now this type of solutions already existed too, then why NNW. Well I made NNW in a better way. Here are some points that we kept in mind while building it :

Your Benefits, My Goals:

  • Privacy: I respect your privacy. So we don’t collect any personal data. I only collect data about web usage so that we can optimise better. I don’t store any data you entered in the site. I don’t even have a database. So you can be worry free.
  • Advertisement: Previously had decided not to put advertisements inside the website for now. I expected to run the site from the ad revenue of my blog. So often give my blog a visit. But maintaining any online service costs time and money. So I have enabled a small anchor ad only in the NNW site. The body is still ad free. Hope it won’t cause you any problem.
  • Web-App: I have converted the site into an Web-App so that you can install it on any device and use it easily. It is an Web-App so it is very very lightweight. Less than 1 MB to be more precise.
  • Country Code: I made it so that it automatically detect the country you are currently in and auto-select the country code to make it faster for you. You can also chose the country code using name of the country. No need to remember the country code anymore.
  • The Code: I wrote the code in a way so that everything happens in your browser itself. No server side function is needed. That means you can easily get the whole code that runs the side and check for any vulnerability. The thing is you can make your own site using that code if you want. But please don’t do that to me.

If you find this helpful, share it with someone. It really helps.

I needed this tool for myelf. So I built it. And then I shared it with you. So I tried to make it the best I can do. And this is exactly why I built this.

How I built it

Now let’s talk about how it works and how I am serving this.


I don’t know much about coding. I just have basic idea about html and css and no idea about javascript. So the html and css is written by me. But the javascript is written by none other than Chat-Gpt.

When you visit the site the browser collect your IP address and fetches the country data of the ip from

I also use a javascript code intl-tel-input plugin form Cdnjs to get the country map and country code. And with some js and css magic. I take the country data from ipinfo and with that country data get the country code and map and make the whole number in E.164 format.

Then I use a javascript to generate a url which looks like this{the number in E.164 format} , yes this is what you needed to type in the browser. But with all this js magic this site does that for you. Then you press chat and it just opens that url which redirects you to WhatsApp chat with that number you inserted.

Behind the Server:

This is actually a static html site so I literally use a free service from cloudflare to serve the page. I uploaded the site assets to a GitHub repository and using Cloudflare pages I serve the files. I added a manifest file and a service workers to turn it into a Web-App. And the best part is with Cloudflare pages the site it served from more than 300 datacentres of cloudflare so there is no headache about any server maintenance. And you get the site served super fast from your nearest datacentre.

But then is using the Ghost CMS and I am serving this html webpage as bypassing ghost completely. Well you can do it just by modifying ghost theme probably. But as I have told you I am using cloudflare pages. Well when you deploy using pages you get a url to access your site. I have deployed a serveress function using cloudflare workers which has one job, that is, when someone tries to visit the worker script serve the site to the viewer. It is a cool feature. And with it you can theoretically integrate multiple cms to build different pages of a website. You get 100k worker request per day for free. My sites are no where near that volume so I will use this method for now. I will also write a blog about how to use cloudflare pages and different ways I am using cloudflare workers.

NOTE: After publication of this post I tried modifying ghost theme to serve static html sites. Yes it can be done. My ipchecker and speedtest sites are currently being served in this way. I am still using NNW through workers for now for some performance comparison. I will switch NNW later.

Anyways that’s for today’s post. Thanks for reading this far. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you liked it then share with othres. If you have any query or suggestion comment down below. And don’t forget to checkout our site for more interesting tools like Internet Speed Test tool , IP-checking and DNS lookup tools.

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